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It's Oscar Sunday and time for the fabulous gowns and the tuxedos to take over everyone's news feed. Like so many other suburban couples we love our time on the couch on the biggest evening for the movies. Are you hosting a watch party with your friends? We used to do that before Rii came along.
Cutting out from the gorgeous evening in sunny LA to the cold and grey Midwest. Winter is here to stay at least for a few more weeks, which means the layers are here to stay. When you can't beat the winter blues, you wear blue. Oh, that was such a bad joke, I tell you. I am a denim girl all year round. So it was fun to style a denim on denim outfit.The last time I wrote about Denim on denim, it featured my husband, in a rare Men's OOTD post on my Blog.

 How do you do Denim on denim? Do you play with shades of blue, or do you pair Denim in different colors? I bet a light blue Chambray shirt would pair well with a black denim and some red sock booties. Maybe the inspiration for a future outfit post.

For my Winter Brunch outfit. I decided to make my Denim on Denim outfit more appropriate for the cold weather, by layering it with my fur vest. Adding the vest was a play of textures along with the denim, and I am always looking up for playing up textures in my outfit to make them more fun. Loved how the blues paired with each other. The sunshine on my shoulders was such a blessing, for brunch, and made for some happy pictures for sure. My Prada Cat eye sunnies, a small earring in turquoise and blue, and my super blingy new Kate Spade Tote.This is a look which you can create from items existing already in your closet. Off late I have been trying to think of newer outfits by shopping my closet. We all have a denim shirt and we all have multiple pairs of denim. Play along with colors or textures in your outfit and you could come up with something fun.

Maybe I should do a post on my new designer bag purchase and some tips to create your collection of designer bags? Let me know if that's something you would be interested to read.



When you get compliments on your make up free skin, on a cold an dreary day, you know the skincare product is for keeps. We have been having one of the worst winters. My skin is not only dry but super dry. Did I mention that its sensitive as well? Now, that's a tricky combination when you are trying to deal with the vagaries of a rough winter combined heated homes.
 Over the past month, I have been trying out a few products from Dr.Brandt Skincare. I think it's their combined effort, which has surely made a difference to my super dry skin.
Dr. Brandt Skincare Hydro Recovery Sleeping Mask is the first product I tried out. I am in my mid-30s and believe in a daily skin care regimen. As the name suggests, Hydro recovery Sleeping Mask is essentially a mask. You cleanse your face at night. Pat it dry and apply the product. do not rinse off. The product works on your skin overnight.

This leave-on mask claims to restore hydration to dry skin within 24 hours. It is paraben free, sulfate free, alcohol-free and phthalate free. Its consistency is that of a gel and its fragrance-free. It also claims to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.  I usually try out a product for at least a few weeks o a month, before I review it.
My skin reacted positively to the sleeping mask. I had been hearing about this new trend but hadn't tried on myself. My regular night cream was sent on a hiatus, as I used the sleeping mask. I could see a noticeable difference after the first night itself. My skin was glowing. I applied a thin layer of it every night. It sinks into my skin easily although I heard for many users, blending was an issue. A little goes a long way with this sleeping mask, so make sure you are not wasting the product on your pillow at night. Although I have sensitive skin, I did not have any allergic reactions to the mask. I would definitely recommend this sleeping mask, to anyone who has dry skin. Its a blessing for those of us facing such a harsh winter.

Disclaimer: I received the products free for testing purposes from Influenster, but the opinions are those of my own.


We love our Pizza. When it comes to making weekend plans, Pizza is the only thing, which always gets approval from our 4-year-old. Pepperoni and Cheese are her current favorite Pizza toppings
 Did I mention that we are always looking for fun activities to do as a family? A hands-on-class, where you learn how to make your own Pizza dough, was just the thing we needed to celebrate National Pizza Day.
Pizzeria Locale has been pampering us, ever since they opened their doors in Kansas City. What better way to celebrate than learning the art of pizza making, with the two people, you love to enjoy your pizza with. Well, at least a part of pizza making, to be more specific. Pizzeria Locale recently hosted one of its Dough-from-Scratch Class, and we were invited to join it.
We loved how the stations were set up, for the class. We got our aprons on, and I even learned a trick of how you can make a full-size apron, fit a 4-year-old. It was time to roll. Well, roll out our dough balls.

The class started with a demonstration of how pizza dough is made, how long it rests, and many more facts.  Did you know that there are only 4 ingredients in the dough/crust of the pizzas made by Pizzeria Locale? Its water, yeast, salt, and flour.
All of us were given two dough balls to practice all that we had learned. The wonderful staff of Pizzeria Locale was at hand and continued to help us out, as we perfected our moves. It was so much fun, doing it as a family. I cant tell you how much my 4 years old enjoyed it. And she did an amazing job with her dough as well. Foodie Mom and Dad were super proud, to say the least.

Dough making done, it was time to eat. Your ticket for a Dough-from-Scratch Class at Pizzeria Locale , includes the class, a pizza, a drink and a dessert. Isn't that neat? The tickets are priced at $25 and all locations of Pizzeria Locale keep hosting them. They can even create a class for your child's birthday party, or your next corporate team building event.  You also go home with their Dough recipe, coupons for free dough, and coupons for free pizza.

Spicy Chicken and Sausage broccolini are usually our go-to orders, whenever we are dining out in Pizzeria Locale. Not to mention, we loved the limited time offering - Barbecue Chicken Pizza last Fall. This time, we stepped out of our comfort zone and ordered something different. Supreme and Maise were our choices for lunch They fast fire their Pizzas in just 4 mins at 900F. Did you know you can enjoy Wine on Tap with your Pizza? And Mommy needs coffee on weekdays and wine on the weekends.  Their dessert was a Budino, which was so yummy. It was a layered caramel custard and I are seriously thinking of ordering a  batch of it, for my daughter's upcoming birthday.
We had a great time as a family at the dough making class. It was so much to knead and play with dough with our 4-year-old, and we learned so much about Pizzas. Thank you so much Pizzeria Locale for hosting us.


Valentine's Day is almost here. And we haven't quite decided what we are doing this year. We usually go out for a cozy dinner. Or a brunch if Valentine's Day coincides with a weekend. Cherish each other's company. What are your plans this year? Being foodies, we love to try out new places, on special days. Valentine's Day usually has us at some romantic spot in town, clicking our glasses of bubbly.

Which also means, I need to plan my outfit. I decided to go shopping. But rather than hitting the mall, to scope out a V-Day deal, I shopped my closet. I have been wanting to do that for quite some time now but didn't get the time. Picked out quite a few clothing items and paired them in some new combos. I must add that I love the new combinations.

It was a choice between Reds or Pinks. I decided to rest the Reds, as I feel I have overdone them throughout the last Holiday season. So the choice was with my stash of pinks, blushes, and roses. One of my favorites is this Dusty Rose crop top, which I had picked out for Fashion Week, quite a few years back. I love this shade of pink as its so cool toned. I am a warm toned person myself, so anything which is cool toned, compliments me pretty well.  I styled it with a Window Pane Midi Skirt, another oldie from my closet. Some Nude Shoes, and some Pink Lips, and we were all set, weren't we? I carried forward the cool tone of the Dusty Rose top in the cool-toned Pink Lipstick- Kat Von D - Lovesick. Just a touch of Turquoise statement earrings to compliment it all. Pinks and Blues always go well together, don't they!

Here's wishing all of you have a great day of Love with your loved one!



We finally made it to Chewology Gyoza & Kushiyaki. Its no secret that we are foodies, so it had been on the list for us, for some time. Kansas City Fashion Week is a part of my annual calendar. When two familiar faces from the KCFW family had started their hip new Asian restaurant , we knew we had to be there. I have seen the Sung family create their magic on the KCFW runway, now we were all set to check out their magic on our plate. My husband has been dreaming of opening his own restaurant for years now, but he has not taken the plunge yet. It was quite nice to see someone, who is similar to us in age, taken the plunge, and done something, which they truly believed in. Kudos to that.
 Chewology is the newest Asian restaurant in town. Initially poised to open in the Crossroads Art District, it finally opened last Fall, in the newly minted Lenexa Public Market. KC has a dearth of good Asian restaurants, so we pretty excited, to see what this new place was all about. Chewology features Gyoza(Japanese pan fried dumplings) Kushiyaki(Skewers), Poke Bowls, Noodle bowls and Beer on tap.

 As you walk in, you cant miss the open kitchen concept and the magnetic energy of owner Katie Liu-Sung. You have a choice to sit at the bar, and chat up with the owners and watch your food being made. We settled down for a table, as we had a toddler in tow.
We started off with Beef and Kimchi Gyoza...
... two kinds of Kushiyaki - Sirloin and Chicken Thighs....
... and two orders of Omikase.

Our 4 year old daughter, is a typical toddler picky eater. She took a bite of our bowl of Omikase and I clearly knew that she loved it. She had initially mentioned that she wanted a slice of Pizza , when we had walked in. With her enjoying her Omokase, you could safely say that pizza plans were out of the door. It was comparable to a small ramen bowl, and had the Ramen egg. Loved the broth and I could drink it by the gallon too.

The Gyoza was next, and we shared the plate. An order comes up with 6 dumplings. The dough was crispy but had a chewy bite, once you bit into it. The beef and kimchi filling was quite interesting and definitely tasty. It came with a dipping sauce. I have heard that the fillings of the Gyoza are seasonal. I have heard rave reviews of the homey, goat cheese, almonds and apricot Gyoza, so I am surely going to try that on my next visit.

We had two different orders of Kushiyaki , which had three pices of meat each. For me, this was the weakest link, of my order. It was perfect for a nibble, but as I like my skewered meat, I would have loved a bigger portion. Both kinds of Kushiyaki were juicy and flavorful.

So what's the verdict you might ask? Am I going back there and am I recommending it? I am surely going back and surely recommending it. They should make the Omikase a regular part of their menu, for sure. And I want to try their Poke bowls next .I will also be taking my camera next time . This post features my iphone photos.

Bon Appetit ! Congratulations to the Chewology team on their successful venture.